Each Student receives a unique username and password to obtain access to thesecure area of our training site. Under NO circumstances whatsoever may any Student share or distribute their username or password to third parties. Under NO circumstances whatsoever shall Students distribute the course materialscontained within the Website. Any breach of these terms will result in the immediate suspension of their acc



In order to enable Students to fully access and utilise the course materials, it is necessary for Students to have sufficient capability on their PC or Mac to use and prepare Microsoft Word documents as well as to utilise the internet and emails fully, including sending emails with Microsoft Word document attachments. In addition, Students are required to have Adobe Reader installed on their PC (Acrobat reader is free of charge and operates within your

web browser). PCs and Macs must be able to play MPEG video files and MP3 audio files. Students are required to be able to print documents from their computer



The Student acknowledges that all course material and copies thereof are, and remain, the property of Essentially Flowers Training. Neither the Student nor his/her representatives will copy the whole or any part of those materials without the written consent of Flower Spirit Ltd.




為使學生能夠有效登入系統平台和使用課程資料,學生必須有足夠的能力使用PC 或 Mac,並準備 Microsoft Word 文檔以及利用互聯網和完整的電子郵件,包括使用 Microsoft Word 文檔發送電子郵件附件。此外,學生必須擁有 Adobe Reader安裝在他們的 PC 上(Acrobat 閱讀器是免費的,可在您的網頁瀏覽器)。學生必須能夠從他們的電腦PC 和 Mac播放 MPEG 視頻文件和 MP3音頻文件。



學生要知道所有課程材料及其副本,均是英國 Flower Spirit Ltd. 及 香港Flower Spirit Hong Kong的財產。無論是學生還是他/她的代表,如未經本公司的書面同意,複製這些材料的全部或任何部分,均屬觸犯知識產櫂罪行,本公司將保留所有追究責任。